Kimberley Moore

Kimberley has been writing songs from a very young age and her musical family have always encouraged and supported her.


Kimberley's songs are acoustic, often confessional and story like. She enjoys the clarity in the nonsense of metaphor, while making specific references to her own experiences for her audience to interpret.

Kimberley Moore Band (KMB)

Kimberley has got together with a group of good friends who are musicians to form The Kimberley Moore Band (KMB), a great mix of local artists backing Kimberley all the way. She also has a choice of drummers - lucky girl!

"Sneaking a bass line under Kimberley's intricate guitar, while she teases out the perils and excitements of sharing a duvet with kindred spirits, is a pleasure and a privilege"

– Hugh Fraser

Alfie Carpenter on Piano

No doubt you have read about Alfie on the other pages. Alfie is a wonderful singer, musician and painter, adding the twinkle and embellishing with the Keys and subtle backing vocals.

Hugh Fraser on Bass

Hugh studied acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. As a member of folk band Telltale, Hugh co-wrote and performed the theme music for Rainbow, the iconic BBC children's television series. He is also best known for is role in the British television drama Poirot as Captain Hastings.

hugh's imdb page

Joe Mace on Drums

A fellow Workshop facilitator as well as being in a few other bands such as Sophie G And The Good Times.

Peter Wright on Drums

This is Pete, he's a diverse musician playing all genres. Pete teaches drums and is also in the Ducking Punches. If you see him with KMB he'll have his shirt on and keep the songs driving.

The Ducking Punches on Facebook


10 Days 9 voice memo songs

This is the 'Album in a Month' challenge, which was suggested to me on 21st September. Deadline: 30th September. I have a confession; I redid some of the recordings at 2am on the 1st...but as I hadn't gone to bed maybe it still counts.


My Challenge to myself - 10 days to write 10 songs. I did 9.  I used my Ukulele, my voice, my voice memos, notebook and pencil, neat paper and black pen.


I'm sharing these raw, rough and not really ready - this is a new thing for me but feels quite liberating to not have gotten too caught up in the recording process or be too precious about an idea.  I have learnt a lot about myself in doing this. There are bits I love, bits I'd rewrite and bits I'd rerecord...and the other challenge is to let all of that go.


I share these simply as creative ideas that I have enjoyed making.


1. Lines and Shapes

2. Juggle This

3. Digestives

4. Martha Eeles

5. I Sit and Wait

6. Snakes Lane

7. These Jeans

8. Tired of Feeling

9. A Mouse in a Hedgerow