Creative Arts East – Our Day Out .

I wrote the music and produced the video. This song was broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk

April 2020     1:48min

Comic song created in lockdown.

March 2020    0:50min

Lockdown composition performed live at Norwich Interlude Festival 

13.09.2020      1:00min

Creative Arts East - Big Sing for Our Day Out 2018
True Stories Live - Hosted by Molly Naylor 10.12.2018
Walkabout at the Willow Tree in Bourn 2017
Mini tour with Su Hart 2018
Hocus Pocus Theatre - Guilty Party. Singer in house band Gang Stars December 2016
Splodge from the Ukulele Elves. An Audience with Father Christmas at Holkham Hall 2017
Britten Pears Arts (Snape Maltings) Celebration for Schools 2017


U.S. Bright Wings tour with Brendan Taaffe 2018

Brendan Taaffe – Singer-songwriter

Kimberley Moore is one of the finest sopranos I’ve had the chance to work with. She brings an ease and fluidity to her singing that is compelling musically, and a grounded-ness to her presence that makes her a joy to work with. 

I first sang with Kimberley in Norwich as part of the Dawn Chorus and that experience led me to invite her to join the Bright Wings Chorus for a tour in the U.S. Kimberley works well as part of ensemble, with an instinctive sense how to blend with the group dynamic, how to communicate clearly, and how to elevate the music. On the tour, we also had the chance to lead some workshops, and I was able to see that Kimberley is a natural teacher who made the workshop singers feel supported and encouraged. Definitely someone to have on your first call list.

Alex Casey – Co Director of Suffolk Artlink

Kimberley Moore – also known as Dr Kimble! – has been one of Suffolk Artlink’s Clown Doctors for over 6 years and is a valued member of the team. She has brought a breadth of skills and experience to her work that has complemented the other artists. She has led the musical development within the project, contributing new songs and sharing skills with other team members. Kim is always up for giving something new a go and is full of energy and enthusiasm!

Her work with children and young people is sensitive, age appropriate and inspiring and feedback from children and their families demonstrates the special way she is able to connect with them:

Parent of a child in James Paget Hospital

‘My is due to go to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital today and is feeling nervous, the Clown Doctors have taken her mind off this and made her have a huge smile!! It’s worked for me too. Thank you Dr Kimble!’

Parent, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

‘Good flexibility and sense of play; picking up on what our daughter likes and going with that. How delightful to have creativity to brighten the day in hospital. Seeing [our daughter’s] ‘Gruffalo’ play the Ukulele was a treat.’

Introduction to Dr Kimble Curly June 2020 2:47min

Dr Kimble Curly and Dr Dizzy Day Dream with a patient

House/living room concert 2019

Fran Flower-Singer/Performer/Facilitator

I have known Kim for the last 18 years and we first met in a production of Vagina Monologues when she was 15. I have been very privileged to watch Kim develop her artistry, musicianship and performance skills over this time as well as seeing her develop into the thoughtful, imaginative , playful, interesting and hard working woman she is today. 

We have sung together for the past 10 years in a small experimental group of women’s voices , composed for and directed by Sian  Croose, where the vocal sound is created by the layering of interlocking harmonies and rhythms – challenging and joyful to learn and perform. Kim is fundamental to to this work as her voice is often the one which soars and plays over the others. She is always supportive and generous to work with and , while her voice is extraordinary, she is always modest about her talent and very much a collaborative person to work with. 

As a songwriter and performer she is, I believe, a special talent. She is able to connect to deep, meaningful emotions and with a truth and lightness of touch convey this in both her lyrics and musicianship. 

We held a small concert in my home a couple of  years ago and the audience, most of whom had never met Kim, were entranced, moved and delighted by her performance. She manages to encompass the room while giving you the sense that she is singing just for you.

I have huge admiration for the way Kim has broadened her musical abilities by working across a wide variety of settings , age groups  and musical abilities within both artistic and community based settings.


Kate Platt SYHO Sing Your Heart Out Trustee/Participant

Kim always brings enthusiasm, energy and fun to our singing sessions.

She has a good understanding of where to pitch the learning, she is very patient with us and her “umph” encourages us to try things we might be hesitant about. 

We have had to turn to online singing during Covid & Kim has brought all these qualities to those videos and live sessions too. No mean feat!   

Sing Along for Sing Your Heart Out 2020 4:20min

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Live Online session for Silver Social – Breckland Council 26.01.2021

Sheena Thoroughgood – Participant

I attended a Sing Your Heart Out workshop about 3 years ago, and first met Kim who is a voice coach at their sessions. Kim is an extremely outgoing, engaging character, who is clearly passionate about her role as as a voice coach. She makes every workshop fun, engaging and inspiring and is a very talented musician, singer,  performer and songwriter.  

During the last year sessions have been held via Zoom and have been just as enjoyable. 

More recently Kim has been hosting workshops online as part of the Breckland Silver Social online programme, she has single-handedly delivered these to a very high standard, choosing and often writing appropriate songs to reflect and lift our mood.  She is guaranteed to bring a smile to the greyest (and coldest) of days. I always feel happier and uplifted after her workshops. I am sure that she will commit fully to any project that she is involved in.

Daralyn Hammond – Song Commission

Kim is a talented songwriter. She recently created some original music and lyrics for my husband, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and recovery from major surgery. My husband, who never thought in his wildest dreams that he would have a song written especially for him, was bowled over by Kim’s vivid take on our years together, formed from anecdotes I had supplied.

 It has become “our song” and we jig around the house to it. Kim is a gifted musician who plays guitar beautifully. Her recordings are clear and crisp and very professional. I sent a CD of her songs – “I am still here’ – to a number of friends to cheer them up last year during lockdown. They loved Kim’s voice which is warm, versatile and has a smile in it. Something we all need to hear and see in these difficult days.